Secrets to staying healthy

A balanced diet

Because? All studies confirm this: a varied and balanced diet is a preventative factor against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, obesity and colosterol.

As? Follow the advice of the Ministry of Health :

> increases the consumption of fruit and vegetables (at least 5 a day)

> consume foods rich in calcium (mainly dairy products associated with vegetables, or mineral waters containing them); eat 3 dairy products a day

> limits the consumption of fats , especially of saturated ones (meat, cured meats, cheeses, sweets …)

> increases the consumption of starchy foods, rich in starch; in particular he eats food products based on whole grains

> limits the consumption of sugar and foods rich in sugars (drinks, sweets, jams, chocolate …).

Stay sober

Because? Hypercaloric (1gr = 7Kcal), alcohol spreads in the body before being transformed by the liver into a molecule … toxic! Thus, a high consumption of alcohol would be at the origin of tumors (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, colon, rectum, breast …), and would increase the overall risk of mortality, particularly cerebrovascular one.

As? Password: moderation! Opt for low-alcohol drinks, to the detriment of smooth liquor or mixed with drinks. Drink slowly and place the glass between one sip and the other; drink a glass of alcohol for pleasure, and a glass of water for thirst. Do not exceed the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine of 10cl, or 2 beers of 25cl, or 6cl of spirits per day. If you are pregnant, alcoholic beverages are off limits to you.

Do not trust the sun

Because? Prolonged exposures are bad. They speed up skin aging and increase the risk of cataracts. UVA and UVB rays are carcinogenic.

As? In summer, avoid to export between 12:00 and 16:00. Never put yourself in the sun without applying a high protection cream, and repeat the application regularly. It carries protective sunglasses , especially on the snow or the sea, where the glare of the sun’s rays is stronger.

Give up tobacco

Because? In addition to promoting cardiovascular disease and cancers, tobacco causes many risks to women: associated with the pill, promotes the formation of clots, weakens the walls of blood vessels and narrows them, increasing the risk of phlebitis and thrombosis; accelerate decalcification; multiplies the risks of extra uterine pregnancy, spontaneous abortions, premature births and caesarean sections, and delays in the growth of the fetus.

As? Do not smoke ! If it’s too late, get help!

Make movement

Because? Exercise is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and osteoporosis. Regular sporting activity also improves form , well-being and self-esteem.

As? You can be active without being sporty, and move without changing your own pace of life. It is sufficient to practice at least a half hour of rapid walking a day. Do not hesitate to walk quickly to make short journeys, get off the bus or the subway a station before, go shopping on foot rather than by car, avoid escalators and lifts … The weekend, program a sport activity: bicycle , skates, swimming pool …

Stay under medical supervision

Because? Prevention is better than cure, is not it? The sooner you discover an illness, the greater the chances of healing. Simple control tests are enough.

As? Have a check-up (blood sample, pressure …) at your general practitioner at least every two years. Go to the gynecologist at least twice a year, from the ophthalmologist once every two years, to the dentist every year, to the dermatologist every year.